Sustainability, always.

We think that at the basis of a sustainable path there’s a correct way of being and doing business. Our company philosophy is summarized in some fundamental principles that make up the message, the intellectual-professional testament of the founders.

These principles guide our constant transformation.


For us consistency means adherence between behaviors and contents. We always want what we say reflects what we do.


We don't like phrases like "it can't be done" or "it's always been done like this". Keeping up with the times and innovating means proposing new solutions, stimulating curiosity and seizing new opportunities.


At the base of everything there is always a team. And a team is made up of people. This is why we like to always listen, sharing skills and experiences. Only in this way does it evolve. Together.


Professionalism is never a perception, but a cornerstone. The goal is to always master the subject and provide concrete, clear and quick pragmatic answers. We pay maximum attention to the needs of customers and colleagues and we always try to acquire new skills independently.


A point of arrival for us is never really such. Achieving set goals is rewarding, but raising the bar from time to time is even more so. We aim for constant professional improvement, both individual and corporate, and once the finish line is cut, we return to the starting blocks for a new challenge.

Who we are

Energie Techfem is an affiliate of Techfem established to develop a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Italy, primarily focused on offshore wind and photovoltaic/agrovoltaic installations connected to the grid or feeding into hydrogen production plants or other PtX facilities.

Leaning on Techfem capabilities in the engineering and management of high-complexity projects and partnering with other coventurers, we bring a project from the concept to the market by navigating through all development workstreams, from site control to interconnection, from permitting to social engagement, from project finance to contract negotiation with offtakers and other stakeholders.

OMC Med Energy Conference and Exhibition - OMC 2023

Work in progress

Among other project initiatives, we are codeveloping a 980-MW offshore wind flagship project off the coast of the Marches region.


We set up close relations with associations and authorities at local and national level aimed at jointly carrying out environment and water resource protection programmes in the concerned territories with the engagement of all communities.

Find out more about our sustainable path in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda