The Techfem project, a story of sustainability.

A report for

Our path towards a future in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the European 2030 agenda.

Sustainability, always.

We think that at the basis of a sustainable path there’s a correct way of being and doing business. Our company philosophy is summarized in some fundamental principles that make up the message, the intellectual-professional testament of the founders.

These principles guide our constant transformation.


For us consistency means adherence between behaviors and contents. We always want what we say reflects what we do.


We don't like phrases like "it can't be done" or "it's always been done like this". Keeping up with the times and innovating means proposing new solutions, stimulating curiosity and seizing new opportunities.


At the base of everything there is always a team. And a team is made up of people. This is why we like to always listen, sharing skills and experiences. Only in this way does it evolve. Together.


Professionalism is never a perception, but a cornerstone. The goal is to always master the subject and provide concrete, clear and quick pragmatic answers. We pay maximum attention to the needs of customers and colleagues and we always try to acquire new skills independently.


A point of arrival for us is never really such. Achieving set goals is rewarding, but raising the bar from time to time is even more so. We aim for constant professional improvement, both individual and corporate, and once the finish line is cut, we return to the starting blocks for a new challenge.

Our sustainability report

«In 1984 two young engineers with experience in the energy sector decided to found a new dynamic professional reality, based on talent, responsibility, professionalism, collaboration and the ambition of wanting to face challenges that are always beyond their abilities, transforming them into successes and therefore capitalizing their growth.

This ethical approach and healthy development of skills helps to create a company philosophy that leads Techfem, through its evolutionary history, to deal not only with the business world, but also with the environment, social component, territory, governance capacity, with the awareness that the sustainability of these elements is the foundation for the continuity and continuous evolution of the company.

The new generations also demand sustainability in industrial activities, Techfem is ready to transform its business model in accordance with the requirements of ESG sustainability and wants to play a leading role in building the energy future of our country.»

Federico Ferrini, CEO & Managing Director


Sustainable energy

We develop projects and technological innovations with the intention of protecting the ENVIRONMENT.
In line with the development policies of the 2030 Agenda, our internal and external processes are constantly evaluated using the parameter of environmental sustainability.
The decarbonization path that aims at reducing emissions sees our society accelerate more and more.
Our know-how and constant technological innovation allow us to be active participants in the search for sustainable energy solutions.


A sustainable future. For everyone.

Always driven by a strong community spirit, we collaborate with the institutions of our territory, focusing our attention on the training of young people.
The educational quality and the values of sport are a combination that is particularly close to our hearts.
We create a future by dedicating jobs to young talents and invest in their professional growth.
We also believe in the importance of the family and in the work life balance of our people.


Our concept of governance

With our strategic plan 2024-2026 we aim to evolve.
We are working to ensure that corporate governance is increasingly adequate and effective.
We pay particular attention to internal control systems (economic-financial indices) and risk management systems (health and safety, cybersecurity).
Ours is a corporate strategy permeated by the concepts of Sustainability, which sets concrete initiatives, KPI scorecards and targets aimed at guaranteeing long-term competitiveness by aiming to create a new business model.
The stability of our company is the result of a long history of ethics, integrity and responsible administration.
Our objectives are to ensure business continuity and create medium-long term value.

Ethical code

The Code of Ethics, although drafted separately constitutes an integral and substantial part as well as a prerequisite of the 231 Model adopted by Techfem.
The Code of Ethics intends to substantially decline, and not only in principle, the values, commitments and responsibilities with which they are required to comply and called to observe all those who directly and/or indirectly operate and interact in the conduct of business and in the various business activities. This Code of Ethics, albeit with different purposes, represents the natural evolution of the "Ethical and Integrity Pact" that TECHFEM signed from time to time with companies operating as business partners in the performance of individual orders.
The founding principles and values ​​of the Code of Ethics are:

  • Compliance with the law
  • Respect for the person

  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for occupational health and safety
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • Protection of workers’ rights
  • Enhancement of human resources and individual professionals
  • Protection of privacy and confidentiality of information

Recipients of the Code of Ethics, and therefore committed to observing the principles contained therein, must be understood as all subjects who in various capacities and in the various roles operate and/or interact with and for the company and specifically:
  • The partners;
  • directors;
  • executives and/or managers;

  • employees;
  • collaborators in various capacities;
  • customers and suppliers.

Download Ethical code

TECHFEM S.p.A., in order to strengthen the transparency and correctness that have always characterized its business, in an increasingly complex and articulated market context and in consideration of the significant corporate development recorded in recent years, has come to the convinced determination to acquire a Organizational, Management and Control Model (M.O.G.) in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. No. 231/2001.
This initiative was taken in the belief that the adoption of the M.O.G. can constitute a valid tool of awareness towards all those who will be able in the name and on behalf of the company, so that they follow, in the performance of their activities, correct and linear, such as to prevent the risk of committing the crimes contemplated in the legislative decree. lgs. N. 231/2001, subsequent amendments and additions.
The above with the awareness that the adoption of the Model increasingly strengthens a corporate culture that has always been based on virtuous values ​​and capable of bringing TECHFEM S.p.a. to face future challenges with ever greater efficiency and professionalism, making safety and legality essential principles of its business.

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