Onshore Pipeline System

We consider the most diverse environmental factors for the implementation of projects with low impact but very high performance.

Tangible results

Techfem enjoys a reputation for engineering excellence in design and related services for the construction of fluid transportation pipelines.

Onshore Pipeline System

Design of aqueducts, oil and gas pipelines

In the traditional fields of homogeneous fluids, we provide our know-how in the design of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, aqueducts and related treatment, thrust, measurement and storage plants.

We have skills that allow us to operate in particularly advanced fields such as the transport by pipeline of multiphase mixtures, always present in the collection networks of petroleum products (upstream gathering) and non-Newtonian liquids typical of solid-liquid mixtures (coal pipelines).

Added to this are the more traditional engineering services such as route selection, definition and acquisition of the VPE, basic and detailed engineering for pipelines (aqueducts, gas and oil pipelines, etc.) and stations (storage, pumping and compression, measurement, terminals). The spectrum of services is completed with the acquisition of permits required by law in the public and private sector and by the entities in charge.

Pipeline transport systems shall include:

  • Pipelines (aqueducts, gas and oil pipelines, etc.)
  • Pumping and Compression stations
  • Line systems and terminals
  • Pressure control and measurement stations
  • Storage
  • Systems for loading and unloading tankers, tankships and rail tanks

As part of the line design, we have developed in-house specialized tools, hardware and software, for innovative aspects related to basic and detailed engineering:

  • Laser scanner surveys by helicopter flight along the pipeline track
  • Drone flights (U.A.V. – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for the relief of the territory
  • Mapping and constraint analysis in GIS environment
  • Applications of GIS-CAD interfaces
  • New calculation system for the evaluation of electromagnetic interference with finite elements using software of the ANSYS family.

We can manage internally all the aspects of safety, environment and geology related to a pipeline project through an expert team of HSE/Loss Prevention, HAZID/HAZOP specialists, Functional Safety Engineer, agronomists, environmental engineers, geologists and geotechnical engineers who daily deal with international technical standards, national/local regulations and technical constraints of the plants.

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