Pre-commissioning of onshore, offshore, submarine and plant pipelines is often seen as a marginal activity of the pipeline’s life cycle.

Improve the integrity and life of pipelines and plants

We believe that classic Pre-commissioning (cleaning, calibration, flooding, hydraulic testing, emptying, drying, inerting), dry Pre-commissioning (with the use of MEG, nitrogen and compressed air) and leak testing (with nitrogen and helium), are fundamental activities for the integrity and life of pipelines and plants.



Safety, often underestimated in Pre-commissioning operations, is for us a fundamental element that starts from the design phase up to the execution phase of the work. That’s why we pour all our engineering knowledge into Pre-commissioning, integrating a complete service through the use of proprietary equipment and strategic partners.

We have integrated our specific knowledge to draw up a control software for all phases of Pre-commissioning: with this software we can elaborate predictive calculations for each individual phase and, via the cloud during operations, to overlay them in real time on the data collected in the field to obtain a planned vs. actual graph.

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