Subsea Pipeline Design

Innovative and sustainable solutions in the design of offshore systems of pipeline transportation.

Optimization and preservation of the ecosystem

Offshore design is constantly evolving and the level of complexity of projects is always increasing. It is necessary to offer an increasingly specialized and transversal approach, able to optimize resources and costs, while at the same time providing the highest levels of reliability and security to ensure the safety of operators, users and the protection of the marine and coastal ecosystem.


Cutting-edge technologies and continuous support

Today, more than ever, the use of technologies, tools and skills is fundamental, proposing an innovative project concept that manages to combine functionality, safety and sustainability.

Our offshore engineering and design unit leverages the decades-long experience of its engineers in the search for innovative, effective and sustainable solutions, providing support in the design of submarine systems in the phases of conceptual development, basic engineering and FEED, detail and in the most complex integrated phases of engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI contracts).

We guarantee a level of detail and quality of design that meets the needs of customers and stakeholders with an engineering approach aimed at full compliance with functional, regulatory requirements, cost optimization and respect for the environment. We offer cutting-edge solutions, products and technologies, thanks to the continuous technical updating and our consolidated contacts with leading companies in the sector.

We effectively and productively integrate the key aspects of the design: selection of the route, choice of materials and definitions of interventions, thanks to the continuous interaction with our GIS, FEM and CFD experts to optimize design solutions.

We offer PMC services, providing support to operators, installers and contractors in the delicate phases of design verification and technical alignment.

We also support the design of coastal landings with particular attention to Trenchless technologies, less invasive and more respectful of the marine and coastal ecosystem than traditional open excavation techniques.

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