Waste to Gas

Transforming waste from biomass and FORSU into new energy to aim at decarbonization and the reduction of CO2 in the environment.

Energy from waste for a sustainable energy future

Decarbonization is the most important challenge facing humanity in the near future. Starting from the present. For this reason, we have already made all our know-how in plant design and our vocation for innovation available to the energy transition.


From waste to gas, that’s what we do

We are engaged in the enhancement of waste from biomass or FORSU through traditional systems: biodigestion and waste-to-energy, or innovative systems such as pyrolysis and pyro-gasification.

We have launched several funded research projects in the field of the circular economy, including an innovative treatment of sewage sludge and digestate for a complete recovery of the energy content.

We support operators in all project development steps, from feasibility study to detailed design, from the purchase of materials and equipment to the supervision of construction works.

What we have done?

Over the years we have built a large team of professionals capable of achieving increasingly challenging goals

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