Environmental Studies

Constraint analysis and feasibility, environmental studies, support for obtaining permissions for achievements. This is what Techfem’s Environmental & Pemitting unit does.

Environmental & Pemitting

The Environmental & Pemitting technical unit mainly deals with three macro areas: analysis of the constraints and feasibility of the work, environmental studies in the field of design in the energy sector or specialized projects in the natural and forestry fields, support and obtaining private permits for the realization of any work in the area.

Feasibility studies

We perform analysis of spatial planning and environmental constraints taking into account any national, regional, provincial and urban constraint. We analyze the interferences with the works in the project and evaluate the compatibility of the interventions. We support other disciplines in evaluating possible alternatives to make the project feasible. We develop maps for each level of constraints. During our preventive inspections we evaluate any landscape and/or environmental problems in the areas where the planned works will be carried out.

Environmental studies

We deal with the preparation of environmental impact studies (SIA) and estimation of impacts on biotic/abiotic components involved. Our urban and environmental specialist studies provide for environmental impact assessments, landscape reports, noise impact studies, air quality studies, forest reports and vegetation restoration projects. The ultimate goal is to obtain public permits.

We are able to develop specialized thematic maps and we also deal with the following specialist services:

  • Characterization of soil and rocks for excavation and drafting of a usage plan within the framework current legislation
  • Studies on polluted areas and solid/liquid waste management
  • Drafting of environmental monitoring plans
  • Photo simulations of the main operating phases connected to a pipeline and rendering of the masking of the plants.

Urban forestry

Techfem develops urban forestry projects, i.e. the development of urban and peri-urban green areas, through field inspections, soil sampling, pedology studies, drafting of detailed documents and construction supervision. In addition, our team supports the customer with specialized figures at any time of the design, implementation and operation of the interventions.

Private permits

We support the customer in preparing the necessary documents for private permissions, supporting him at every stage:

  • Drafting of maps and detailed drawings
  • Establishment of easements and support for notarial deeds
  • Consistency status drafting
  • Preparation of documentation for entries in possession
  • Drafting of damages settlement following completion of the works
  • Topography services such as splitting and facilities stacking
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