We are a leader in plant engineering thanks to decades of experience, 3D modeling and new digitalization technologies.

The experience of professionals. The cutting edge of new technologies

The deep knowledge of 3D and BIM modeling, combined with the potential of new digitalization technologies, places Techfem in a leadership position in the field of plant engineering in the main energy sectors and beyond.

Ingegneria Techfem

Pipeline transport and distribution logistics

Our plant engineering vocation has always found the maximum expression in the satisfaction of the needs of our customers. We specialize in the design of plants typically connected to the upstream and midstream of natural gas (treatment and purification plants, LNG terminals and depots, line plants and reception terminals, compressor stations, control and measurement systems, storage stations, etc. .) up to the most advanced plants in the world of logistics for the distribution of finished products, such as fuels,

The skills developed in our decades-long history have allowed us in recent years to tackle plant design also in the sectors of the circular economy and the energy transition.

As for the more established sectors, the desire to always find new technological solutions allows us to best express the typical plant engineering skills in the design of:

  • Plants for the production, transport, storage and distribution of green hydrogen
  • CO2 capture systems
  • Plants for the energy recovery of urban waste and waste from the agricultural supply chain
What we have done?

Over the years we have built a great team of professionals capable of achieving increasingly challenging goals

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