Feasibility Studies

Evaluate the characteristics, costs and results of each project. A comprehensive analysis with a highly experienced multidisciplinary team, to support decision-making processes.

Conceptual selection and definition

Before starting a plant project, it is advisable to draw up a preliminary study, preparatory to the evaluation of the technical feasibility and economic viability of the investment.

In this phase, Techfem elaborates different conceptual alternatives and provides useful elements for the preliminary definition of the project by the customer by identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that each alternative offers, through a multi-criteria scheme.

A complete evaluation

Techfem can develop a technical-economic feasibility study by systematically evaluating the characteristics, costs and possible results of a project starting from the choices made in the conceptual definition phase.

Our studies include both technical and economic activities (cost-benefit analysis), about the feasibility and economic-financial-environmental sustainability of the investment, both public and private.

The feasibility study takes the form of the presentation of a final report with graphics and prospectuses aimed at demonstrating the economic and financial balance of the project.

For this type of consultancy activity, Techfem provides a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced engineers with sufficient seniority to ensure the adoption of good practices and the best support for customer decision-making.

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