Decarbonization and green hydrogen, we are ready for new challenges.

Hydorgen: the energy carrier of the future

In accordance with the development policies of the European Union, green hydrogen will meet a strong growth in the energy mix, to meet the needs of progressive decarbonization of sectors with no alternative solutions.

Reconversion and sustainable mobility: these are our challenges

Techfem develops and implements projects in the field of green hydrogen, with a focus on pipeline transmission (blended with natural gas, pure hydrogen or through derivatives like ammonia) and on hydrogen production intended for multiple industrial use (e.g. steel, ceramic, chemicals), as well as for the mobility needs (logistics, road and railway).

Techfem has established closed relationships with technology providers and key manufacturers along the entire value chain and has an in-depth knowledge of this fast-growing market.

A neutral approach towards all technologies across production, storage, distribution and utilization together with an extensive experience in studying different end-use applications gives Techfem a cross-functional and unbiased perspective, a valuable asset for clients in developing new hydrogen projects.

Techfem is firmly committed to stimulating innovation in the hydrogen sector, fostered by in-house R&D initiatives and favoured by an active collaboration with trade associations.

Find out more about our sustainable path in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda