Decarbonization and green hydrogen, we are ready for new challenges.

Just one solution to decarbonization: green hydrogen

In accordance with the development policies of the European Union, green hydrogen will meet a strong growth in the energy mix, to meet the needs of progressive decarbonization of sectors with no alternative solutions.

Reconversion and sustainable mobility: these are our challenges

We are sure that green hydrogen produced from renewable sources will play an important role in decarbonization and energy storage scenarios, representing the new energy carrier for hard-to-abate sectors and mobility.

In particular, we are already studying and designing ready hydrogen transport systems, with attention to the analysis of materials, safety aspects and risk scenarios.

One of the main issues we are focusing on is sustainable mobility. We accompany customers from the development of the project to obtaining permits, up to offering turnkey solutions for the construction of HRS – Hydrogen Refueling Stations.

We work closely with constantly innovating companies dealing with public and rail transport.

The focus of our activities is the development of projects for tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of industrial players with a high carbon footprint.

Hydrogen valley and industrial energy communities, which will be a crucial point of PNRR and the growth of the hydrogen supply chain, are an integral part of our work.

On the subject of energy communities we presented a project that was selected as part of the IPCEI initiative.

What we have done?

Over the years we have built a large team of professionals capable of achieving increasingly challenging goals

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