Development of multidisciplinary projects involving all the specialized skills necessary for highly complex plant and infrastructure design in the main energy sectors.

Engineering and development go hand in hand with the needs of our customers

Understanding business drivers, key decisions, and project risks ensures that engineering and development work is always aligned with customers’ needs. The business continuity of Techfem’s teams provides projects with high efficiency, timeliness and consistent quality.

Techfem, since its inception, has always dealt with the development of multidisciplinary projects involving the various specialized skills present in the company and the company’s core business is identified in the transformation, transport, storage and distribution of energy fluids, including new energy carriers such as hydrogen and biomethane.

The original plant engineering vocation has developed by seeing the growth of specialized technical units in dialogue with each other, capable of elaborating complete projects in the classic phases of engineering development typical of the energy industry: Techno-economic feasibility, Preliminary project, Final and FEED project, Detailed executive project.

Our engineering and development services

Techfem is specialized in the design of Land Pipelines, Submarine Pipelines and Plants. Browse the dedicated sections and find out how all the teams work.

Versatility, competence and innovation for our customers

Our highly specialized multidisciplinary engineering activities allow us to support every customer need.

Our Goals rely on the strong integrity's principles that guide us. Find out more about Techfem governance