Processo e Flow Assurance

We support the customer from the earliest stages of project development, providing support and technological advice, even in the event of system changes, improvements and optimizations.

Cutting-edge services and technologies

Our expertise in the field of process and flow assurance allows us to offer services for traditional and consolidated energy sectors (e.g. oil & gas), but also in the field of renewable energy and alternative processes (hydrogen, LNG, biogas), as well as R&D initiatives. Advanced engineering and software services allow our team to offer tailor-made solutions.

Complex studies: we are involved in the following plants:

  • Pumping stations
  • Compressor stations
  • Control and measurement stations
  • Trap Systems
  • Storage, deposits and oil terminals;
  • Loading bays
  • Water treatment unit
  • Heat exchange processes
  • Power plants
  • Multiphase fluid separation stations
  • Transformation and energy recovery processes from traditional or renewable sources

In flow assurance, our expertise is structured to address all aspects of modeling and optimization for single-phase/multiphase and slurry flows. Especially:

  • Process studies and technical reports
  • Water hammer studies (pipelines, hydraulic circuits and storage networks)
  • Modeling complex hydraulic networks (upstream gathering, sealines, trunklines, flowlines)
  • Stationary and transient thermo-hydraulic studies of single-phase simple (pipeline) or complex multiphase (oil/gas production) systems
  • Interface analysis for multi-product pipelines
  • Characterization of complex fluids (raw, pure CO2 and with impurities, slurry, etc.)
  • Corrosion studies
  • Spill analysis
  • Depressurization studies
  • HIPPS study

Engineering Services

The skills gained in years on flow assurance allow us to easily deal with different aspects of the subject, from the most conventional ones (sizing, hydrate formations, slugs, etc…) to those related to operational contingency (pigging, turndown, restart, blowdown), providing technical solutions.

We deal with the different phases of the project through the following activities:

  • Process simulations
  • Drafting of technical reports with different levels of detail, according to the needs and different stages of engineering (feasibility, FEED, detail)
  • Drafting of PFD and material and energy balances (H&MB)
  • Drafting of P&IDs
  • Hydraulic calculations for different types of processes both in design and in verification
  • Dimensioning of static plant equipment (Slug Catcher, separators, heat exchangers, reactors, columns) and related accessories (anti surge valve, Pulsation Damper, HIPPS)
  • Sizing of rotating machines (pumps, compressors, fans), suggesting the types based on the required performance and working points
  • Dimensioning of safety and control systems
  • Stationary and dynamic simulation for depressurization/blow down
  • Preparation of the different process compendiums (equipment list, utility consumption list, effluent summary)
  • Preparation of process description, control and operating philosophies, commissioning procedures & start up


We use in-house tools and reference software for the sector (HYSYS®, OLGA®, LedaFlow®, PIPENET®, AFT®, Multiflash®, PVTsim®, XPSim®).

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