Pipeline Integrity Management 4.0

Pipeline Integrity Management 4.0

The ambitious Research and Development project “Pipeline Integrity Management 4.0” financed by the National Operational Program PON «Enterprises and Competitiveness» 2014-2020 FESR has been successfully concluded.

In collaboration with some of our partners like the Department of Computer Engineering, Modelling, Electronics and Systems (DIMES) of the University of Calabria and Applicon S.r.l., for supporting engineering services along the life cycle of the pipelines a HW/SW technological infrastructure has been created.

The platform allows you to digitize and manage the information associated with Oil & Gas transport infrastructures in a GIS environment, produce pre-feasibility and feasibility studies based on multi-criteria classification. It is interoperable with IoT technologies: the data acquired in the field, together with surveys and inspections, constitute the inputs of methods for integrity analysis and forecasting models capable of identifying the probability of failure and optimizing inspection and maintenance plans.

Thanks to the project partners Unical and Applicon and to all the suppliers involved, who contributed with excellent teamwork to the success of this project, carrying it forward with dedication and enthusiasm for research and innovation.

The company roadmap that aims at digitalization to efficiently and innovate our processes has taken a significant step forward thanks to the result obtained.

  • 9.02.2024
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