Our company

We are a multidisciplinary engineering company that has been in the energy business for 40 years

Techfem: Human & Sustainable Engineering

We provide Project Management services during the on-site construction of  plants, turnkey delivery and testing up to start-up. The strong propensity to problem solving has made us able to operate in mission-critical engineering projects.

Our concept of innovation

The technological innovation that has always been pursued allows us to operate in many fields of the energy industry: hydrogen economy, biomethane and waste to gas, energy storage & sector coupling, together with the digitalization of technologies and processes, constitute our current main focuses.


Techfem has obtained the certifications of the integrated management system in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 45001.
The ingtegrated Quality, Safety, Environment, Information Security and ESG Policy document is available at the following link:
QHSE Integrated System Policy

180 Active projects
280 Employees
200 Customers
40 Years of activity

> Transparency
> Innovation
> Collaboration
> Expertise
> Ambition

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Solid roots and integrity

We were born in Fano in 1984 when the first nucleus of Techfem was formed by Francesco Ferrini. Our history continues with the acquisition of specific know-how and the creation of strategic offices in the national territory, such as Lamezia Terme (CZ).
In 2013 we became Techfem S.p.A. a company in constant growth, led today by Federico Ferrini.

  1. 1984

    Our roots date back to 1984, when the first nucleus of Techfem was founded: the studio of Ferrini and Mondelli associated professionals.

  2. 1987

    In 1987 the company was transformed into a Limited Liability Company and 100% of the shares were taken over by Francesco Ferrini.

  3. 1994

    In 1994 Francesco Ferrini founded together with a minority shareholder the company Sicurgas Srl, which was later incorporated into Techfem.

  4. 2005

    In 2005 TechfemSud Srl (100% owned by Techfem) was founded and later incorporated into Techfem.

  5. 2006

    In 2006 the Techfem group was established, able to provide design, management and supervision services for the construction and testing of gas pipelines.

  6. 2013

    In 2013, Sicurgas and TechfemSud were merged into Techfem, which became a S.p.A.

  7. 2020

    In 2020, in a phase of strong growth and with many new challenges to face, Federico Ferrini becomes CEO and Chief Executive of Techfem S.p.A.


Techfem is made up mainly of people, whose dedication has contributed to the achievement of ever greater goals. Discover the Key Persons.


Francesco Ferrini is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Techfem.

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Maria Vittoria Ventura has been The Administrative Manager of Techfem since its foundation in 1984.

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Federico has been CEO of Techfem since 2020 and chief executive since 2014.

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Discover our network!

One of our goals has always been to be an integral part of the community.
We collaborate with institutions, research institutes, universities and associations.
To date, we have created a solid network of collaborations with many of the companies involved in our business with great attention to the future.

Local initiatives

We believe that our territory is a resource, an opportunity and an investment.
Making industry also means maintaining a constant bond with the people and places that host us.

We support community initiatives born out of the desire to work as a team.
Sport and education follow our own teachings: perseverance and team spirit to achieve the goal.

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Find out more about our sustainable path in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda